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The studio is an innovative and progressive architectural and interior design studio, which focuses on the client and their needs. Thanks to our extensive professional experience we offer a complete service encompassing much more than design. Besides architects and interior designers, we serve as advisers and providers of inspiration, but also mentors and professional guides in the world of boundless ideas for your home or business.

How We Work

Nowadays our work covers all aspects of design - from spatial planning and architectural design to interior and landscape design, from clarification of investment intentions, through the development of all project phases aiming the contentment of our clients.

Our Services

We will give you an amazingly space representation of an idea. In Agrippa Studio your desire is going to be touchable while maintaining affordability and promptness of services.


At Agrippa Studio architecture is about passion, a passion towards functional beauty. We aim high in our quest to be competitive on the market.

We execute complex design in all disciplines by striving for quality finish in every field. We are convinced that our role in the lives of our clients is not limited to designing but also cooperating to successfully realize their investment.

Interior Design

If there is something more personal than architectural design it is the interior design. Naturally to make sure everything happens exactly as the customer dreams and as it is designed we love not only to design but also manage the overall execution of the process involved.

Our customers are only expected to communicate the space they dream of and we will make sure everything is in place.


Interpretation of the world around like a mirror in front of your imagination is what we at Agrippa aim towards. Realistic 3D rendering, 3D animation and graphic design are the tools we use for a successful presentation of any project in the mission to impress our clients and attract investors. With the new VR and 3D animation technologies we want to provide our clients with the experience to enliven their designs before they are built.

Meet the team

Meet the team

Kamen Ruskov

General Manager

Elen Kokalinska


Ivan Vasilev


Alexander Cvetkov


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Now, you have been able to get a picture of who we are, it is up to you to contact us and lay the foundation for a new and successful business relationship.

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Sofia 1404, Bulgaria
23 Tvurdishki prohod str.,

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